March for Science NL April 22nd

March for Science NL April 22nd


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March for Science


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March for Science
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Everyone involved in the organization is doing this in their own time, on a completely voluntary basis. With this fundraiser we raise money to cover the costs for the podium, tents, professional crowd control etc.

It is time for scientists, science lovers, and concerned citizens to gather and make ourselves heard! With The March for Science we want to celebrate our passion for science, call for support and safeguard the scientific community. We need to bring awareness to the community and higher bodies that science is important, in every layer of society. We should all recognize that science is everywhere, and anti-science agendas and policies harm everyone — without exception. 

On April 22nd 2017, Earth Day, we will walk out of the lab and into the streets!

We invite scientists and science-lovers to join us in Amsterdam on April 22nd, where we will march at Museumplein.

We also ask you to donate an amount that you find fit to our goals:

The March for Science NL is a volunteer coordinated initiative, brought to life by scientists and concerned citizens donating their time. While it is clearly a moment to take to the streets, we envision more than just a march. As our aim to bring science closer to the public, the manifestation on Museumplein will include keynote speakers and teach-in areas, touching on issues such as climate change, vaccine safety and scientific method. There a diverse group of science educators and scientists representing many fields will speak to the public about ongoing research and its vital importance in our everyday lives.
Importantly, activities for all ages will be free and open to the public. To realize these goals, we will need to rent a stage, hire technical support, print materials, and more. All of this will be accomplished solely through donations by individuals and sympathetic organizations.

Your support is greatly appreciated!