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A sustainable future for the maldives


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Maldives Matter


Netherlands, Netherlands

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We are a group of 62 students from Delft University of Technology, on a mission to create a sustainable future for the Maldives. The islands, known for their beautiful nature and scenic views, are struggling to keep this image and their nation alive. We focus on two problems:

​WASTE - Thilafushi is an island of garbage close to the capital of Malé, and it's growing. Knowledge of waste treatment and recycling is lacking in the Maldives and we want to bring this to them, offering a broad answer to save the nation from drowning in its waste.​

AGRICULTURE - Land is scarce on the Maldives, and the climate doesn't help either. Almost all resources are imported which is not a sustainable solution. Our project aims to use our knowledge of agricultural design to offer them a way to create an agricultural landscape on the Maldives to make them more self-sufficient and thus sustainable.

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