Making Shannon's dream come true

Making Shannon's dream come true


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Luci Santema


Netherlands, Netherlands

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Dear all, After the amazing weeks of volunteering with SAVE, we go back to our own lives. Reliving the best experience through amazing memories, photos and incredible people you’ve met in South Africa. Being back home we can still continue to make a difference! We can still mean something for the people you’ve met in Capetown. Everyone who has been with SAVE must know Shannon. For the ones who don’t, she is the volunteer coordinator of SAVE and furthermore the most inspiring person I’ve ever met, truly. She cares so incredibly much about others, she will always be there for you and make you feel comfortable and at home. She is turning 30 the 1st of march and her dream is to start her own volunteering company. A smaller company with carefully selected volunteers from all over the world, who will be volunteering for at least a month or so. Also she wants to be working with slightly older kids than we did. (mostly 2-6 year olds). She really really cares so much about these children and it mean the world to her to make this dream come true. She needs funding for her own company. LETS HELP HER! Wouldn’t it be the best birthday present to help her taking steps towards her dream? Please ask your friends, family, everyone you know to donate! Let’s raise as much money as possible for her birthday present. LETS HELP TO MAKE HER DREAM COME TRUE!