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About pneumoconiosis Pneumoconiosis is an occupational disease that has no medical end.It is a disabling disease caused by long-term inhalation of a large amount of fine dust and mainly caused by lung tissue fibrosis.The patient's lung tissue was hardened and petrified.It was extremely difficult to breathe,

Pneumoconiosis couple homeless

Dragon Boat Festival,

In the third phase of Pneumoconiosis, Hu Hanqing had an oxygen tube inserted in his nose.

The lean body leaned against the eaves,

He looked at the familiar path at the entrance of the village and waited for his wife to go home.

Wife is working outside, working overtime during the holidays,

When she heard her husband moan on the phone, she had a hunch in her heart and hurried home to visit her husband.

Hu Hanqing heard his wife coughing violently. He wanted to meet his wife, but he didn't have the energy.

I saw my wife covering her chest and dragging her tired body back, holding four pears in her hand.

Seeing this, the daughter quickly plugged in the oxygen generator,

The wife went crazy and grabbed the oxygen tube into her nose.

The two oxygen concentrators made a sound, as if the pulse was beating.

The wife leaned on her husband's shoulder and wept bitterly ...

Hu Hanqing and his wife have one child and one daughter. The eldest son is 16 years old and dropped out of school last year to work with his mother. The 15-year-old daughter went to a local technical school. After returning from school, she washed and cooked the sick father. Hu Hanqing said that the two girls missed the book, but they couldn't afford it at home.

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