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Lieke naar Lesbos


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Lieke naar Lesbos


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Dear friends,

The Greek island of Lesbos is the gateway to fortress Europe for many of those fleeing war and poverty amid the ongoing refugee crisis. The island has become a focal point of the refugee crisis in Greece. Its residents have been nominated for a Nobel peace prize for their empathy and assistance but they cannot do it alone.

There are more than 80 aid organisations helping refugees on Lesbos, among them the UNHCR and the International Rescue Committee, which operate transit and assistance centers. But most of the organisations are small and staffed by self-organized volunteers; many were set up in response to the current crisis. One of those organisations is the incredibly brave 'Because We Carry' foundation, that settled on Lesbos to help alleviate the ongoing human suffering of the people arriving.

I have decided to join 'Because We Carry' by going to Lesbos (team 75) and supplying them with a week of my assistance. My main job will be to supply the often exhausted people with food and entertain the many kids that desperately need our love & attention. Other than my being there I will also be assisting them financially and this is where you come in; cause I can't do it alone. To be able to finance these meals for a week I am aiming to collect at least € 2000,=.

I will be heading off to Lesbos on the 15th of March and would be delighted to see your support come in. And don't worry: every single Euro counts. Of course I have funded my own trip so all money donated will go straight to those that need it the most.

Thank you so very much.