Liberty in Augmentation Needs Your Help!

Liberty in Augmentation Needs Your Help!


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Liberty in Augmentation (LiA) is a pro-transhumanism NGO that supports the active development of prosthetics and provides information to assist in living your life without fear of limitation. 

A few weeks ago, I began building up a brand new company called "Liberty in Augmentation". The idea came from a mix of my personal interest in improving the human body, and the current issues going on in the medical and insurance world regarding prosthetics.  

So let's begin with my beliefs first. I stand for the following things:

 - A freedom in improving on our natural bodies. 

- Higher subsidies for research in prosthetics and bionics

- Increased coverage in medical insurances including prosthetics.

- Increased awareness of people in need for prosthetics.

- More time to discuss the issue of prosthetics in the political arena. Not only for third world countries, but also the Western world.

These are quite some heavy points, I realize that. At this point in time I do feel like David and Goliath. However, change never comes easy, and to start change, one simply must begin. Even a little effort already paves the way forward. Now, I'm not a rich man, nor am I aiming to be. Money is only needed to keep things moving forward in a world based on economics. Why I do this is more important to me. I do this, because I don't want people with a missing limb feel like an outcast in society. It's not supposed to be a disability, but an opportunity. An opportunity to harness our minds, our technologies. Sure, one can hire help around the house, there are tons of companies providing such services. Although, with a high cost and privacy invasion. Why invest in training medical personnel, invest time and effort, while we can take that money and time to find a more permanent solution. Prosthetics. And I'm not talking a simple replacement of an arm or leg like you would see the old sailors do with a simple stick of wood.

I'm talking advanced bionics. Fully functional arms and legs, even stronger than what you used to have. No more breakable bones, no skin to keep in shape, no danger of cutting an artery accidentally. If anything, losing a limb shouldn't be seen as the end of your comfortable life, but an opportunity on improving it. A new start. Of course the first months, even years, will be difficult to accept your new life, but the human spirit is strong. So strong in fact, that it drives us to 'upgrade' our limbs even for people without disabilities. Which is why I named this company Liberty in Augmentation. I believe the word 'Augmentation' has a positive connotation to it. Getting a prosthetic that allows you to use your fingers again, picking things up, or getting a new leg that allows you to run. That's what it's all about. But simply getting a replacement is not what I stand for. I intend to gain more funding for advanced bionics research, which will allow your current prosthetics to not only restore your previous limb function, but augment it. Your limbs will become stronger than the average limbs given to us by nature. Don't see yourselves as handicapped people, but as pioneers. You will be the first to test the experimental models that will someday, in the future, even be given to perfectly healthy people to leave their body, given by nature, behind. 

Now we need your help. With your donations we can keep the site running, host events to spread information and create awareness, and even gain enough traction to start making political changes. With enough funding, we'll be able to produce our own magazine called [AUG] as well, where we interview experts, discuss new technologies in the field of prosthetics, and provide a source of hope and support. Now is the time. We need you. Help us create an environment where everyone can live without fear of limitation, and live in happiness and comfort.