Lecture for a Lecture

Lecture for a Lecture


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At the start of March I will be visiting the United Arabic Emirates and Pakistan with my organization AWH for my lecture on workplace ethics and specifically about sexual workplace harassment. With the help of a local partner we have reached out to schools, universities and different organizations to give us the opportunity to create awareness and empathy concerning this difficult issue that often seems impossible to discuss. Through my personal experience I create an opening for more awareness and empower people to do the same: sharing experiences.

Besides my personal experience I have studied for more than 2 years on how to handle and prevent sexual harassment. So in my lecture and workshop I will also discuss in detail the need of having a harassment policy, a complaint procedures and policy enforcement. What are the necessary elements for a successful and preventive harassment policy, how to recognize unwanted behavior and how to respond. The first step in changing behavior is creating awareness in a continuing process.

The Lecture

It’s an understatement to think that sexual workplace harassment only occurs in countries where women are subordinate to men, because globally many workplaces are still dominated by men. In my workshop we also discuss sexual harassment aimed at men and same sex harassment, also how liability has it’s infect on reporting sexual harassment or not. My lecture is very successful because of the practical examples I use, examples that are recognizable for everybody. With AWH I have presented several times in the US, the Caribbean but also in the Netherlands and always a different audience, because sexual workplace harassment needs to be discussed on every level, from students, teachers, counsellors, superior officers to HR managers; the whole staff.

Lecture for a Lecture, how does it work

To make it possible to visit as many schools, universities and organization as possible, like the Aagahi Women Welfare Society in Pakistan, we have created a sponsorship that will have a twofold benefit.

By booking a lecture or workshop via our website www.aboutworkplaceharassment.com you will contribute a lecture for the United Arabic Emirates or Pakistan. A donation without booking a lecture or workshop is also possible. Your contribution will be helpful to provide the education material needed to support this lecture about sexual workplace harassment.

For more information please contact me via karin@aboutworkplaceharassment.com or check our website www.aboutworkplaceharassment.com