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my kNOT-project started in 2016. I tried to figure out some knots and then it became a huge project. I make every sculpture myself and it takes some time ;). from here I like to start, cause since an exhibition during the dutch design week last year at piet hein eek, a lot of galleries like to show my kNOT-lights. tis is a big chance for me, but unfortunately it is very very expensive to participate. for this ‘why donate’ I ask one question: I would like to exhibit in venice in may, during the design-biennale 2018, but this costs 6000. I still need a 4000 to make tis big step forward in my creative process and a big opportunity to let the world know that there is more to experience in the world of textiles|art|design. :). can you help me?              

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instagram: atelierchaos