Jedi & Esther go to BSSM 2019-2020

We have a heart for missions and we work with YWAM. We want to do this school to grow deeper in our relationship with God and to make God the center of our marriage and life in missions. This amount includes everything we need to pay for a year - including fees, transport, housing, food, etc. Blessings Jedi & Esther


Created by :

Jedidiah Johnson


Netherlands, Netherlands

€ 100 of € 30.000
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We are going to do the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California! We have had this on our hearts for about 6 months and we feel God leading us to it! 

1. Why do the school now? - Esther and I have a heart for missions, community, and worship. We both are called to full-time missions and are looking forward to what the future in missions holds for us. We want to do the school because we want to invest in making God the center of our marriage and our life in missions. 

2. Why go all the way to America? - A few months ago one of our friends came to us and shared what God told him. He said that he saw us leaving to an English speaking country for a season of training. When we prayed about it, we felt God lead us to do this school in America! This is also good for us because we're both from different cultures! 

3. How are you going to do it? - Doing the school means moving to America for 10 months, starting in August. It does cost a lot of money but we've seen it over and over again - where God guides He provides! We need to find our own apartment, food, and transportation during our stay there! (A great marriage preparation actually)


Tuition - 8500€

Rent - 8000€

Flight tickets - 2000€

Car - 3500€

Groceries, food, fuel, etc - 500€/month

Miscellaneous - the rest :)