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We are Ūkiyo. Founded by Melvin Palijama (right) and Byron Griët (left) as a means to provide themselves, as well as their friends and family with steady supply of futuristic gear. Ūkiyo’s inception began with the frustration of not being able to find the kind of clothing we were looking for. Influenced from an early age by Science Fiction, Japanese culture, and Fashion, we tried to find something inside Japanese style fashion that didn’t exist yet. The name Ūkiyo means “living in the Moment”. Drawing inspiration from mixing Japanese influences with technology and nature, we try to make our clothing carry this message. We want it to inspire feelings of a cyber-punk future, a not so bright one at that. Choosing to combine tactical with fashionable. And bringing it from the future right here to the present.


We want our clothing to look like it came from an almost dystopian future, where governments are corrupt, technology is on the rise and riots fill the streets because of this. We want this feeling of corruption, uprising set in a technologically advanced dystopian future, to reflect in the clothing, and to see it as a way of warning, of what the future might offer, if we are to survive. High quality breathing fabrics not prone to tearing. Fashionable and moving with the times. But above all, unique. These are the corner stones of our brand, and with these in mind we want to create an exclusive and limited supply of clothing. Simply said, aimed at the innovators and star gazers who know what is to come if we as a species do not change. But still want to look good doing it.THE PRODUCT Most of our products will be made in Portugal, in order to ensure the highest quality of materials available. From comfortable cotton to High endurance YKK zippers. Everything we create under Ūkiyo is made to be unisex, and to be enjoyed by men and women alike. Our first product “BTRS_001” a mix of high-grade cotton and polyamid with a touch of Elastodiene coming together to create a heavy fleece fabric, formed into a modern sweatsuit. Aiming to mix practicality with fashion. these pieces of gear can be worn from the gym to anywhere on the streets. The Top: A Tech-Gear inspired black pullover sweatshirt with 5 pockets. Two on the back, one on the chest and two around the belly area. 3 Closable by zipper. The bottoms are adjustable by stoppers with elastic cords. The logo will be embroidered on the front. The bottom: A black sweatpants, an elastic waistband with an additional elastic cord with a stopper, 3 pockets and one 3D pocket that is closable by velcro. Bottoms of trousers also adjustable by an elastic cord and a stopper. The logo will be embroidered next to right pocket. Sizes range from S/M to L/XL


First and foremost we want to expand our collection and be able to provide more people with our clothing, The first idea is building our brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our second idea is a short CGI/3D film aimed at bringing the tech gear world to life, introducing ŪKIYO as a brand, give insight into our philosophy and what our mission is. The final goal of this Kickstarter is to be able to provide more like-minded individuals with the latest in high grade tech-gear. We want to expand the collection, and provide even higher quality fabrics and we also want to be able to produce on a larger scale.


Pledge €5 or more – Thanks for the support! To show our gratitude we’ll email you about any special sales we have, thank you personally and we keep you updated when we finally release.

Pledge €45 or more – This gets you not only our undying gratitude but our limited edition founder Ukiyo T-shirt as well, made of 100% cotton. Black in colour and sizes range from S to XL. We also keep you updated on our sales and releases by email.

Pledge €60 or more – welcome to the big league, because this gets you our GOODIEBAG. Containing a Limited Edition founder tote bag, a small print and our Founders T-shirt. Sizes range from S to XL. We also keep you updated on our sales and eventual releases by email.


Risks and challenges

Being a small company with little experience is our biggest risk and simultaneously our biggest challenge. We try to solve this problem by approaching people who do have years of experience inside fashion, the manufacturing of clothes and the process of creating fabrics. We also approach multiple manufacturers in Porto, Portugal to asses prices, quality, and shipping estimates. The amount of competition currently active inside the fashion industry is also a problem. We try to counter this with our unique style, our personal take on fashion, a marketing campaign consisting of future tech-gear style short movies, and promoting our products through popular social media platforms. Being fairly new to the fashion scene, means we have to keep expanding and renew our collection. We have to keep coming up with new designs in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition.