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We need people like you, to Empower Girls in Mozambique together with us.

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We are expanding our Life Captains program for Girls and Young Women. Using football to teach and empower girls, and above all bring them together to play and have fun. Support our girls today! Donations can be made through this page.

Target group: 150 young women and girls

Location: Bairro da Polana Caniço, Maputo, Mozambique

Start date: November 2019



Favela United inspires and creates Change Makers by using the transformational power of football to empower youth from marginalised communities throughout Mozambique, including street children and orphans. These children often grow up in an unstable environment, with very limited training and development opportunities. Our aim is to provide the youth with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their community by teaching them on the pitch about fair play, inclusion and respect – lessons directly transferable to life in general and off the pitch, they participate into our ‘Life Captains’ Educational program.



Life is hard and opportunities are limited in the bairro’s (slums) of Mozambique, even more so for children. Formal and long-term employment is very hard to come by and many people are forced to earn a living from whatever opportunity presents itself. Parents find it difficult to provide for their children and give them opportunities to flourish. Lack of education further limits their opportunities. In the communities of Maputo, like bairro da Polana Caniço and maxaquene, many children grow up around (domestic) violence. Girls face even greater obstacles – the number of girls attending elementary school drops with each higher grade. Adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable due to early pregnancy and childbirth. Children from the Bairro often suffer from marginalisation and stigmatisation due to their perceived inferiority within society.


We use football as a learning tool to change young lives and give them the essential life changing skills, confience, knowledge and opportunities to become champions of their own destiny. The program includes daily sport activities and weekly educational workshops together with our local partner organisations on Life skills education, youth leadership, team building, peace building and SRHR and environment education.



Favela United is a Dutch/Mozambican non profit organisation which uses the transformational power of football to drive social change inside marginalized communities of Mozambique. Our football for Change program is about using the game of football for social good and to make a real difference in society. Favela united works with the most vulnerable children of our society and uses football as a tool to drive social change: (See image for social change area's)

Favela United is the leading organisation in Mozambique in the field of football for social change. Over the passed years we changed and impacted the lives of 2.000,00+ young people throughout the country together with our local partner organisations and with the support of people like you.


  • Organized football training, activities and Inclusive tournaments
  • Life Skills training (Communication, presentation, problem solving, creative thinking, self-awareness, assertiveness and dealing with emotions and dealing with stress).
  • Educational workshops (Health, SRHR, Gender equality, Inclusion, Peace building and Leadership)
  • Girls community football league
  • Monitoring personal development (3 times a year the kids receive a football / personal development report where they are assessed on attitude / behavior, school and football qualities.) The coaches visit the families of the kids and discuss the reports with the parents and kids.)
  • Monitoring school performance (direct contact of coaches with school teachers of the children)
  • After school mentoring/coaching
  • Help drop-out girls return to school (in partnership with the local community school)
  • English classes
  • Visit our website to see all our activities


Goals and Impact:

  • Give girls and young women the basic skills, knowledge and tools to become champion of their own destiny
  • Same chances and same rights for girls inside marginalized communities in Mozambique
  • Increase chances for girls to have a better future
  • To create and inspire positive Role models/ Change Makers for the next generation young girls. Sport coaches.
  • Help drop-out girls return to school
  • Equal number of men and women coaches at Favela United
  • Less Teen Pregnancy in community

The programme is guided by the principles of non-discrimination, best interest of the child, survival, development and protection of the child and finally the participation in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).


Your gift changes lives - for good

Join and support us for the legacy to live on #FavelaUnited #Alwaysonside #Teameveryone #footballforchange



Each and every year is very special with Favela United. 2018 was no exception, a fantastic year with lots of positive energy and impact. It was not only the year that we launched the very first edition of the Inclusive World Cup for over 500 young boys and girls from marginalized communities and the streets of Maputo, it was also the year that we started our first educational Life Captains Program together with our local partner organizations.

The great journey of the Inclusive World Cup brought not only a spotlight on the youth of Mozambique and the work of Favela United, it also created over 25 new partnerships. Together we organized more than 50 educational workshops and other activities.

I still remember well how the Favela United project in Mozambique started small, in the city’s largest community of Polana Caniço, back in 2015. Training sessions with 2 local community coaches and around 80 kids on a daily basis. Now in 2019, the favela United program counts over 250 participants a day, coached and mentored by 12 young local change makers who in their turn were created and inspired by Favela United.

It was the legendary former captain of the Mozambican national team, Tico-Tico who introduced me to Jair and Edu, the two local coaches from the Polana Caniço Community. Overwhelmed by the inequality, marginalization and stigmatization that the youth faces in the community, we turned the local football school into a full-time ‘Football for social change’ program, and so Favela United Mozambique was born.

Young people are the center of everything we do at Favela United. Our program equips the participants with the skills, confidence and opportunities they need, to overcome their daily challenges in life. Above all, 2018 showed us that we are heading in the right direction with our collaborative approach. Our team consists of a wide pool of very valuable volunteers, board members and a strong network of partner organizations.

The year 2018 was another great example of those unforgettable moments to celebrate the transformational power of football to change and save lives. There are no words to express my level of appreciation and respect for all of you who supported our football for change organization in any possible way. We are looking forward to achieving our goals and making the change together again for 2019.

With warmest regards,

Patrick Hoep

Favela United founder & Director