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Favela United inspires and creates change makers by using the transformational power of football to empower youth from marginalised communities. By offering them professional football and life skills training we provide them with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their community. By using and stimulating football as a non-formal learning tool we impact the lives of young people in three areas: economic empowerment; healthy lifestyles and security.

The Favela United program provides football and life skills activities to children with an emphasis on:

  • community building
  • teamwork
  • fair play
  • gender equality
  • inclusion
  • Violent prevention
  • youth leadership
  • sport skills

The programme is guided by the principles of non-discrimination, best interest of the child, survival, development and protection of the child and finally the participation in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).


Using football as a vehicle, our aim is to reach 100,000 significantly marginalised children worldwide and give them the basic skills, knowledge and tools to become, champions of their own destiny – Favela United Life Captains

  • Organized football training, activities and tournaments
  • Life Skills training (Communication, presentation, problem solving, creative thinking, self-awareness, assertiveness and dealing with emotions and dealing with stress).
  • Educational workshops (Health, Hygiene, Gender equality, Inclusion, Peace building and Leadership)
  • Monitoring personal development (3 times a year the kids receive a football / personal development report where they are assessed on Attitude / behavior, school and football qualities.) The coaches visit the families of the kids and discuss the reports with the parents and kids.)
  • Monitoring school performance (Direct contact of coaches with school teachers of the children)


Every child have the right to play and to join in a wide range of leisure activities. – A place where they can learn the soft skills and improve their talents. Our program gives this right space to children, a place where they can improve their skills and education – a place where they feel safe and social included.


The boys and girls, lead by example (change-makers) a productive, non-violent and healthy life style in their community.

Impact Increased socio-economic well-being and safety in the communities.


Your gift changes lives - for good

Join and support us for the legacy to live on #FavelaUnited #Alwaysonside #Teameveryone #footballforchange