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I want to help my family without debt. Please give us a new life.

My family has a debt of 16,000 Dollar US. My mother is very stressed. She tried to commit suicide in order to bring her insurance money to pay off the debt. I don't want it to be like that and I have to do something.

Hello, my name is Pam. I live in Thailand, aged 22. I studying college in Khonkean University.

I have a big problem, I want everyone to help.

My father just died. And my family has debt that has to be paid in amount 16,000 dollar. I didn't have enough money to pay the debt. I can not fine money within the time limit.

My mother and I are very stressed. My mother is a weaver. But had to stop because of Covid 19's situation, leaving no people to hire And I can work part-time for just 6 dollars a day to have money for daily use at university.

Previously, my mother tried to commit suicide because she wanted to take her life insurance money to pay off the debt. I don't want it to be like that. I love mother. Mom is everything for me. I have to do something to make she stay with me and not leave me anywhere.

I can't make money to pay off my debt in time. And have no money to pay tuition fees this year at the university.

I took the phone to pledge to send money to my mother because she has no income. And I divided the money to buy a second phone to use.

It makes me and my mother very stressed   Because in the next few days the debt will be due. And my relatives, nobody wants to help me , my brother had an accident and had to undergo liver disease treatment. And I don't have enough money to help him, I'm very discouraged.

Please help me and my family I want to live a new life without debt and without tears. 

I have to spend this money within 4 days. And when a kind person can help me, I will quickly pay off my debt And start a new life with graduation and start working to save money for my mother

If you want to help me please donate to

My PayPal :  0834624906

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Account No : 7932818505


Branch : Complex Khonkean University 


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Whatsapp ‪+66 83 462 4906‬

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