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Cindy de Jager


Waddinxveen, Nederland

Help me to buy my home, help the next one to buy a home, let’s break the system!

I have a wooden toy store and a divorce is forcing me to sell my home. I can’t get a sufficient mortgage because I just started my store 2,5 years ago. Also because of Covid-19 revenues are temporarily down. But I could still afford the mortgage payments with the revenues and alimony of my ex-partner.

But the bank say no. It is irresponsible. But renting a house is much more expensive. That is more irresponsible! The banks don’t care.

And this happens to a lot of people. Forcing poor people and people even with average income to rent houses which costs them more. So only giving the opportunity to wealthier people to buy a home and spend less. This should especially be available to people who are already struggling, not keeping them from improving their financial situation. It’s infuriating me! The audacity of this system.

So let’s break that horrible system.

I have started a fundraiser here on whydonate, for the amount that I need to get the bank to say; we will mortgage you the rest.

I only have to find a lot of people who are willing to donate a little. And when this is working and we are almost there, let’s find someone in the same position, set up a fundraiser for them and do the same all over. Helping people out who really benefit from buying their home and are made impossible to do it themselves.

And when that person almost reaches their goal, let’s find the next one! Rinse and repeat!

And remember donate not too much, so you are still willing to donate to the next one!


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