Helping teenage mothers in Casa Mantay

In February, I will be going to Cusco, Peru to help out at Casa Mantay, a shelter for Peruvian teenage mothers. Sexual abuse is unfortunately extremely common in Peru, and a consequence of this is often teenage pregnancy. Casa Mantay helps these victims and supports them and their children in creating a better future.


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Cusco, Peru

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What will I be doing?

At the end of February, I will be travelling to Cusco, Peru with 15 other girls on an organised community service trip with my school. We will be helping out at Casa Mantay, a shelter created for teenage mothers and their children. According to the Peruvian government, 4 out of 10 women experience physical violence in their homes. This sexual violence is most prevalent for those under 17 years old. A difficult consequence of this is teenage pregnancy. Most teenage mothers are forced to abandon their children due to lack of resources to properly take care of them and the stigma around the issue. The taboo around sexual violence shows that many consider rape as seduction, thus many mothers are ashamed of their pregnancy. Casa Mantay aims to provide a safe home for these teenage mothers and their children. At the house, the girls can also get an education, work experience and prepare for a better future whilst still enjoying their newfound motherhood. 

Being a mother, however, is a stressful and all consuming task for many of the girls. Therefore, we hope to provide a helping hand that can make life a little easier and less hectic for these teen moms. We aim to support these women by organising fun workshops and activities to do with them and their children and build and paint rooms to create a library for them. Most importantly, we aim to just be there for them, from one girl to another. 

How can you help?

Despite being in the nurturing hands of Casa Mantay, the children and mothers of Casa Mantay still need a lot of basic everyday necessities that we hope to raise money for. (Feminine) hygiene products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, tampons, etc., as well as childcare items and children's toys are not in abundance at Casa Mantay. Any donations submitted will go towards providing and supplying these items and otherwise will be donated to Casa Mantay. Also, if you have any children's/baby blankets and toys that you do not need anymore then please contact me and we can bring them to Casa Mantay to donate to the children. 

More information about Casa Mantay

The Mantay house is a foster home for teenage mothers, who are between 12 and 18 years old. Mantay (mother in Quechua) represents a measure of protection for these adolescents who have been victims of some forms of violence, exploitation or abandonment and must be protected. Currently, 14 teenage mothers and 13 of their children live in the house, since one of them is pregnant.

The project gives teenage mothers the opportunity to assume and enjoy their mothership in a safe environment, where they find all the material and emotional support necessary for them and their children to achieve a dignified life. The objective is to welcome and educate mothers under age who live in situations of social risk. During the time that adolescents and their children stay at home, from their arrival at home until their mothers turn 18, they are offered comprehensive care, covering their health, nutritional, emotional and psychological, legal and educational needs. Receiving training at an educational, work and personal level, so that when they leave Mantay they can live with sufficient autonomy and be able to manage their own life and that of their child. The reasons why teenagers leave home are: family reunification, losing their motherhood, voluntarily and once reached the age of majority and have a job. Once the adolescent has reached the age of majority, the process of "going out" begins in which Mantay accompanies them in the search for a decent job, with schedules and salaries that allow their independence and taking care that they are not exploited again. 

The Mantay workshop was created in 2001 as an alternative training for adolescent mothers at risk. Currently the main objective of the Mantay workshop is to generate jobs for adult mothers, where they receive a salary that allows them to achieve economic independence, in the company of their children. Currently, eight people work in the Mantay workshop, six of them are ex-beneficiaries of Casa Mantay. 

Website Casa Mantay: 


Wat ga ik doen?

Eind februari ga ik met 15 andere meisjes naar Cusco, Peru om mee te helpen bij Casa Mantay, een opvangcentrum voor tienermoeders en hun kinderen. Volgens de Peruaanse overheid ervaart 4 van de 10 vrouwen fysiek geweld thuis. Dit seksueel geweld komt het meest voor onder de 17 jaar. Een ernstig gevolg hiervani is tienerzwangerschap. De meeste tienermoeders zijn gedwongen hun kinderen in de steek te laten vanwege een gebrek aan geld en benodigdheden. Het taboe dat heerst in Peru over seksueel geweld zorgt er ook voor dat velen verkrachtingen als verleiding beschouwd worden, waardoor veel moeders zich schamen voor hun zwangerschap. Casa Mantay is bedoeld als een veilig thuis voor deze tienermoeders en hun kinderen. Door Casa Mantay kunnen de meisjes alsnog naar school, werkervaring opdoen en zich voorbereiden op een betere toekomst terwijl ze leren genieten van het moederschap.

Omdat een moeder zijn al een enorm zware taak is (laat staan een tienermoeder), hopen wij hen een handje te helpen zodat het leven een beetje makkelijker is voor deze tienermoeders. Wij gaan hen ondersteunen door het organiseren van leuke workshops en activiteiten om samen met hen en hun kinderen te doen. Ook gaan wij werken aan kamers bouwen en schilderen om een mooie ​​bibliotheek voor hen te maken.

Hoe kan ik helpen?

De kinderen en moeders van Casa Mantay hebben behoefte aan veel basis-benodigdheden nodig waarvoor ik zoveel mogelijk geld voor hoop op te halen. Ze hebben vooral (vrouwelijke) hygiëneproducten, zoals tandenborstels, tandpasta, tampons, enz., nodig, maar ook artikelen voor kinderverzorging en -speelgoed hebben zij hard nodig. Alle opgehaalde donaties gaan naar het voorzien van deze spullen en worden anders gedoneerd aan Casa Mantay. Als u ook nog oude kinder/baby spullen zoals dekens en speelgoed heeft die u niet meer nodig heeft, neem dan alstublieft contact met mij op zodat we ze mee kunnen nemen naar Casa Mantay om te aan de kinderen te geven. 

Website Casa Mantay: