Help victims of Apocalyptic Wildfires in Greece

Greece in State of emergency due to dozens of Inferno Fires. Until now, more than 100 people dead (many children), almost 200 hundred seriously injured, hundreds of dead animals and hundreds of homeless families.Food,Clothes and medicines will be purchased and provided.


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Alexandros Engelen


, Greece

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Greece in State of Emergency

Several Inferno Wildfires raging in Greece killing people and animals. Officially thead dead people count almost 100 and hundreds of seriously injurded in hospitals. Boats are saving locals and tourists as they are trapped on beaches or in-water (sea). Entire villages and forests are totally destroyed, hundreds of animals could not survive. Mati village was ravaged by wildfire, killing at least 26 people, in the country's worst wildfire in over a decade. Rescuers reported that victims were found tightly huddled in a house yard about 30 metres from the beach. Requesting URGENTLY your help in order to purchase and provide: Food, Medicines, Clothes (for people and animals) and rest of amount for temporary shelter. (Receipts & Invoices will be available for every donor in order to track every piece of the raised amount)