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Hello, My name is Carmen, i am a 24 year old student from Amsterdam.

I am a happy and Spontaneous girl, hanging out with my friends and doing my studies.
But i have one BIG insecurity, and that is my huge, manly jawline! It is too manly for a girl. And it makes me very insecure and unhappy. I always hide it with my hair, too afraid to wear a ponytail etc.
It just bothers me a lot in my life. It also affects my tooth, my jaw muscles are too strong because of the jaw, as well.

This type of surgery will only be refunded for Transgenders/FFS.  But not for me! A simple woman who just wants feel as a woman!
I tried to spare some money with my side job (since i am a student). But i cant afford it all.
This why i need your guys help.

I would really highly appreciate any help.