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Unfortunately I need to give you the sad news that Suleman passed away yesterday. Totally unexpected and very sad for Imran and his family. Please pray for them. I still want to raise money to help the family pay off the loans/debts they have to pay all the hospital bills for Sulemans recovery journey..


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-- UPDATE (22th of February) -- 

Dear all, unfortunately I heard yesterday evening the sad news that Suleman passed away. Totally unexpected and a shock for the whole family/community. Especially after the last update where I told you about the good news that the doctors found the reason for his sickness and that they expected to take away the ventilation this week. For Imran this is a very hard time. He lost is youngest brother and best friend, and because he cannot go back to Pakistan to be there with his family and the funeral. So please pray for him / put him in your thoughts. Good to know: the money is being used for the good. We sended the money tuesday to Pakistan. Without the money Suleman couldn't stay in the hospital and would not survive as long as he did now. I still want to finish this fundraising to help the family pay of the loans they have because of the Hospital-bills during the first two weeks. There is still 6.000 Euro needed to pay of all the loans. But I can imagine that this makes a difference to what extent you want to give a donation yes or not.  Anyway I want to thankyou all for your help, sympathy and donation. It means a lot to Imran and his family. Thankyou!


Hi all! Here you see me (Mandy, on the left) with my friend Imran (on the right). This is a call to everyone to help reduce the financial concerns of Imran for his sick brother in Pakistan.

About our friendship:

Imran and I know each other already for 2,5 years and living in the same community in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Imran lives already for 4 years in The Netherlands. He left his country Pakistan because it was not save for him to live there anymore. He is the best! Learning the Dutch language, working hard to pay his own bills, friendly to everyone and always happy. So I was shocked to hear the sadness in his voice while we were talking about his sick brother in Pakistan. He is really worried about the health of his brother and the financial concerns that comes with this. And the most heaviest part: Imran can't visit his brother in Pakistan, because he is not allowed to leave the country for the coming months.


Suleman Khan, 27 years old and the youngest brother of Imran, has been in the ICU (Intensive Care) for 15 days now. Suddenly he became very ill and couldn't breath by himself. The lungs are infected and he gets oxygen and needs ventilation to breath. The docters keep him asleep because he can't breath by himself at the moment. The family and doctors don't know how long it will take, but we all hope and pray for a good health! That he heals is possible, but.. we need some money for the coming treatment!

The need for help:

First Suleman was in the cheapest hospital, but unfortunately he needed to move to a very expensive hospital in Pakistan because only there he could get the ventilation, what is very necessary to survive. In Pakistan they don't have an health-insurance, like we do in The Netherlands. And the rule is: first paying, than staying in the hospital & getting the treatment. Not paying means being deported from the hospital..

The amount of 11.736 euro (1.850,860 Pakistaanse Rupees) is for just 14 days in the hospital. The family of Suleman & Imran borrowed money from all over the places: friends, churches, family. But it seems that there are no possibilities left to pay more days for Suleman in the hospital. No further treatment at the moment, means that Suleman will not survive. My heart was broken while seeing Imran struggling with this money concern. He send already a lot of money to the hospital by working very hard and selling his own stuff. The most of his money is going to Suleman. But I know.. it will not be enough and he needs our help!

This family is always helping others, and now it is time that they receive some help. So here is my call to everyone who reads this: Can you help this beautiful familiy by giving the amount that you can afford?

Let's do it together!

I believe that if we all pay a little bit, this family in Pakistan (and Imran in Holland) will be very helped! We are looking forward to hug Suleman and see him getting better!  

Thank you very much in advance for your support!!



(P.s. If you want more information or seeing the Hospital bills, feel free to contact me, by leaving a comment!)

(P.s. We keep you updated about the health of Suleman!)