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Soliciting for your assistance to help poor children.


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Child Survival Aid Ghana


Accra, Ghana

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Help children education

Child Survival Aid Ghana believes that education makes the world difference. Education is the key to tackling poverty, improving health and building brighter futures. Through education and training individuals use skills to transform their own lives and communities. Education and gender empowerment are two of the most important tools needed to lift children out of poverty. Sadly, quality education is not guaranteed for children in Ghana. Instead, they dream of going to school while selling fruit on a rundown stand by the side of the road are left to care for themselves or younger siblings while their parents work, or sometimes must enter into arranged marriages when their parents cannot pay for schooling. Child Survival Aid Ghana believes that every child, regardless of his or her condition or physical limitations, deserves access to a quality education. We are committed to ensuring that children not only have a school to attend, but that they also have school supplies and the support they need to be successful. LIBRARY We also want to provide library for rural primary schools, orphanages and community centers to support children’s literacy. We want children to read supporting rural literacy. You can make a difference toward providing education to disadvantaged children in Ghana. Please donate today to make that difference