Help my friend to smile!

Help my friend to smile again!


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Ana Filipa Castro Jesus


, Portugal

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Help to my friend to smile!

Hello! Ana is my childhood friend. She is 28 years old, and by 2015, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Throughout her life, she suffered from dental problems, lost her first tooth at the age of seventeen, and from there she was always worse, especially after diabetes. At this time she has with all her remaining teeth compromised, in addition to having several cysts and tumors in the mouth that need to be removed and advanced periodontitis, and which prevent her from eating as she should, which cause her horrible and unbearable pains. Young, beautiful and charismatic as she is, she does not have social networks, she does not like to live with other people because she lives in depression because of her appearance. Already suffered bullying in their jobs. But even so, she is always the first person to make herself available for whatever, she is always ready to help, it breaks my heart to see my best friend like that and not being able to help as I wanted. For the first time in several years, we consulted with a dentist to give us a budget and guide us in the best way for the treatment that will be necessary, which I will explain in detail below. It is a series of expensive treatments that we unfortunately can not afford, so we are here to ask for your help! Thank you in advance for helping my beautiful friend to smile again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (I will update when there are news.) Dentist first step: - Remove all cysts, tumors, and compromised teeth Cost = 1000€ (approximately) Dentist second step: - Put 4 implants in upper arch with provisional prosthesis - Put 4 implants in lower arch with provisional prosthesis Cost = 3000€ (per arch) = 6000€ Dentist third step (after 5/6 months) - Replace the provisional prosthesis by the definitive Cost = 1500€ (per arch) = 3000€