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help my children come back to me! (YouTube-filmpjes link)

I need a lawyer, 3 lawyers already quit because they knew all was corrupted before trial even began. the 4th is not intimitated by orhers and is my laywer for one year now.

i had a lot to pay for the previous laywer.

no i stand a good chance but i have no money left. paying court, my ex, child support was taken away and niw court decided i have to pay my ex 7000 euro, court expenses 4000 euros.

my income reduced to 1200 a month and monthly paymants of 800 euro for 20 years for my ex his new house now. he conned me,  he took, without my knoledge, a 2nd morbadge on out house, twi years before he told my mother he wanted a divorce threatening me as if i would not sign his divorce papers he would take my children away and would take everything i have and that he will destroy me.

my ex has connection in the justice department and police enforcemen.

although i agreed on everything, eveb paid his depts, a lot of depts.

he geanted my co-paranting, it was hell! he refused to communicate... our children were 3 and 5 years old. he told my children i was sick and dangerous, he gave them assignments before going to me..  mommy,,, they for example had to say to me that they dont live me, only daddy, bugs were placed so he could hear everything. i told my ex that this had ro stop! i also asked him to not sleep in one bed with the eldest, because she does not want to but is afraid to rell him.

i bought the house from him ( his part) a week later the police came and i got a fine for a not autherized building construction. it was my ex whi did the whole renovation, because at that time i was 7 months pregnant. he bought tois and other stuff for the kids and him, but he gave my adress to bill it too. he lost the newyears letters from the kids that were ordered for me and my family, he told that 31 december so i made new ones. he went to the lubrary wit the oldest, gave my adress and refused to bring back the books so i had to pqy for them and lots of lots more. he refused to pay half of the extraordinary costs for the kids.

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