Help me get to Malawi

Hi, My name is Matthias van Asperen I have been to africa for 3 times now and I am setting up my own organasation. We are gonna focus on 1 village in Malawi to develop it and to extend that to the villages around it!


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My name is Matthias van Asperen and I am setting up a organasation that will be focusing on a village in Malawi.

I already been 3 times to Africa to volunteer, and now I have the experience and the knowledge to help a community!

We will help the village to learn them how to develop themselves and how to get the most out of their village.

We will be there a lot to be with the community. to connect with them and to also tell them about the love of our God.

We will live amongst them so that we can learn them how to get out of poverty.

We will go on a preperation trip to see the different villages and to ask God wich ones He has in mind for us.

The transport costs from my country to Malawi is high and that is why I have set up this fundraiser!

With helping me to get to Malawi, you will can help the village to develop and to spread the word of the Lord!