Help me build a school in Cambodia!

My name is Juliana, I'm 17 & I go to the International School Hilversum. I'm so excited to tell you that I've been selected to go to Cambodia in Feb 2019 to help build a school and teach English to Khmer communities around the town of Stung Treng which sits alongside the Mekong river. And, I really need your help!


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, Cambodia

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Can you help me build a school in

Cambodia and improve the life chances of Cambodians in the Khmer region?


My name is Juliana Oosterwijk, I'm 17 years old and I attend the ISH

(International School Hilversum). I'm so excited to tell you that I will be

going to Cambodia in February 2019 to help build a school and teach English to

Khmer communities around the town of Stung Treng which sits alongside the

Mekong river.

I’m exceptionally passionate about this particular project as this

community suffers from very high poverty levels due to total water reliance on

the heavily polluted Mekong and, does not have a properly operating school.

Through building this school the education levels in the region will increase

which will lead to higher earning potentials for the locals. Increased

education levels will also lead to reduced pollution in the Mekong which will

dramatically improve the communities’ living conditions. In essence, the

project will improve the overall life chances of the whole community.

During my trip I want to become an expert in the following processes so

that, for the next project, I can go straight into Cambodia and start building

and teaching English without any further training – enabling me to get straight

down to work and adding as much value as possible. The skills that I am looking

to develop on this first trip are:

  • Building foundation knowledge - cement making and


  • Building construction – materials used and how to

           combine them all. First fix. Second fix, etc.

  • Painting – how to properly apply the paint and at

           what stage the painting happens.

  • Language and Culture – to get a real understanding of

          the Cambodian culture and work out the most effective way to teach them

          English. ​​​

I am a native English speaker with a real interest in languages (I speak

English, Dutch, French and Hebrew) I thus feel that I will be able to add real

value to the English teaching element. I also love making things so, I feel

that I will pick-up the construction skills very quickly so that I can return

for the next project and become ‘one of the builders’ as soon as I arrive…no

training time means more building time!

​This project obviously requires funding and I would be exceptionally

grateful if you could donate as much money as possible to this trip. Every

Euro/Pound/Dollar that you give me will go directly to the Khmer communities –

and I will send every contributor a diary of my trip to graphically show you

just how your donation helped. I am sending this letter to everyone I know in

the world (!) and hopefully all of you will forward it onto everyone that you

know – my aim is to achieve more donations than anyone else who is

participating – hopefully you can help me do this!

The more I receive the more I will be able to give back to the Khmer community

on this trip and, the more skills I will be able to develop to return again in

the future to help further.

Yours hopefully, Juliana Oosterwijk. XXX