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wesam masood


, Rusland

My name is wesam Masoud, a Palestinian refugee currently residing in Russia. Study at the Medical University of Assetia

 I grew up in a city that suffers from a constant shortage of doctors and medical equipment, and a large number of wounded and injured.

 Since my childhood, I have studied diligently and scored the highest grades among all students in both my school and my city, and I have received many awards from them in recognition of my academic excellence. I was also able to learn and master Russian, along with Arabic, which is my mother tongue ...

When the study began, everything was fine, but in recent years it seemed to get worse in the Gaza Strip, after the blockade and the scarcity of job opportunities, and the money began to decrease. I tried very hard to get a job and worked as a delivery worker, but the money I got was never enough. My dream is All that remains has begun to be fulfilled, which is one year after the end of the General Medical College, but my dream from childhood is to become a cardiologist to treat people in Gaza and help the poor among them.