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International Women's Networking Group needs your help! Your donation will make it possible for us to register as an official Sticthing. This way, we may offer our members a higher level of service while continuing to grow a strong community of women who want to not just survive, but thrive!


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IWNG Rotterdam


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International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam

In 2018, we met through this Facebook group, seeking human connection in our new (or not so new) home city. We occasionally had lunch and dinner together, and sometimes offered a helping hand at a co-working meetup.

At the beginning of 2019, we stepped it up: we hosted our first large networking event, we launched a website, and we reached out to other groups and organizations to promote our mission of women supporting women.

The year isn't over yet! We still want to organize more lunches, more dinners, more workshops, workation getaways, and a big summer bash! We want to help you live the best life you can as an international woman in Rotterdam, whether that's through professional development, entrepreneurial guidance, personal growth, or anything in between.

To help us all achieve our goals, we ask for a small favor of you: a donation to help us take the next leap forward. By supporting our efforts, we can become an official Stichting that offers much more than just a Facebook group. With your help, we will build a community of women who are empowered to not just survive but to thrive!

Short Term Goal:

To become a Stichting before our big summer event on June 22nd. The cost for notary and Stichting set up comes to about €700 vat incl. Once we become an official Stichting we will have the ability to offer more opportunities to support and partner with our group! Any donations beyond this amount will go directly towards realizing our long term vision.

Long Term Vision:

To help create a world where women :

-are able to find their tribe and build a community wherever they work and live

-are valued for who they are rather than what they do

-receive support without judgment or comparison

-collaborate with other women rather than compete

-have the resources and support to thrive in daily and professional life

-are able to find a successful balance between personal and professional life

Whether you can donate €5 or €50 any amount is greatly appreciated!!

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