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https://www.facebook.com/donate/984237415086024/1846377102091172/ - Your donation will help youths of my community in Cameroon build 2 classrooms for a lone primary school in the village. - Will help construct 2 teaching blackboards for learning. - Will help construct a potable water catchment for the school from a nearby water source. -Provide shelter to these kids and access to education. Our beloved donors and Community developers, here we are again in yet another end of academic year for the youths of Mbatu Village, Bamenda II Sub Division. As has always been the case from time memorial, the Mbatu Youths have through their association (MBAYODA) often used this long summer holidays for cultural and social engagement characterized by a sustainable project that fosters youth development. As is the case every year, the month of August brings together 6 branches across Cameroon from Njimafor, Ndangh, Ntenghafor of the Bamenda home branch, Yaounde, Douala and South West for cultural exchange and grand fund raising gala for a sustainable Youths in action development project. We are please to announce to our potential donors that since 2017, we launched the innitiative to transfer the lone Government primary school in our community to a more convenient and proximity area to the community settlement area (Ntahti). We wish to let our donors know that as it stands, the very few kids in attendance are basically studying in an open air classroom , a situation unimaginable in the 21st century for a community just 5km from the City center of Bamenda and prides itself of successful people like the Awah Nangahs et al. Come this August 2018, our youths are more than determine to offer man power, time and money to raise 2 million fcfa sufficient enough to do the following... * Complete the Foudation phase of 2 modern classrooms. * Provide Sufficient Mud blocks through youth volunteer molding to raise the walls of these classrooms. * Provide roofing sticks for the classroom n zing for shelter. * Provide 2 Teaching black boards for the classroom * Construct a portable water catchment for the school from the nearby water source in Ntahti. As has been listed, much has already been put in place by our brothers back home. We there4 want to use this digital age to solicit for financial and material donations through our social networks ahead of our August usual fund raising gala which sometimes can be timid,less funded and the diaspora Youths of Mbatu most especially in America, Europe are exmpted from the voluntary sacrifice on the plot or financial contributions to our Youth end of year projects. We call on you reading this now to sow a seed in this campaign and donate a "BAG OF CEMENT" which will go a long way to provide Academic shelter and portable water to the growing generation of our belove Mbatu village. # If you cannot volunteer, please make a sustainable donation, share to some1 or a mbatu youth with the donor spirit, invite friends and well wishers to the fund raising, share on your walls and all mbatu forums. You can donate through the following ways. * This fund raiser with credit or debit card. * Paypal: chiemmanuelachiri719@gmail.com *Mobile Money:........... *Orange my ney............ #EVERY DONATION COUNTS NO MATTER HOW SMALL# Long live our President Mokum Glynn Atanga C/o Prince Chi Achiri Emmanuel. NB: Your donation will be guaranteed with pictures and videos of work on the project.


Picture Image of Community Youths in Action during a monthly Volunteer service to the project. Image shows work currently going on in the 1st phase of the project by mapping out of the foundation of the 2 classrooms. More Pictures via the Link below on my facebook page. Click the link Below https://www.facebook.com/donate/984237415086024/1846377102091172/