give this girls a future

give this girls a future


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karien mannessen


Netherlands, Netherlands

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Hallo you beautifull person, my daughter was young when she had her first child, so she could not end her education. she started last year again so her kidscan have a future. however , its hard to do an education, when there is no money to spend,. she allready has a debt with the government to pay for it all. iwould love to help my daughter and her two beautifull girls, to continue her education as social worker, wich she is doing great by the way!! i'm so proud of her. no complaints ,just good, going to school every day, coming home, taking loving care of her children and still the top of the class! i would realy appriciate it if you would like to help. she needs to pay her yearly schoolmoney, but only got 200 euro's so far. plus every month she gets deeper in dept cause she needs the loan. thanks for listening. regards Grandma