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Ik heb dit op gofundme al veel eerder geplaatst maar dat gaat niet zo snel dus ik probeer het hier ook maar te plaatsen in de hoop dat mensen me hier wel uit de brand mee willen helpen. Als je Engels niet zo heel goed is of je snapt het niet helemaal, ik heb een kleine samenvatting in het Nederlands aan het einde gezet.

So quick introduction. My name is Wesley, 22 years old from the Netherlands. I am currently studying Trade Management Asia and I dance in my spare time (that's me in the picture)Last year, around about february, I quit college and got a job at an arcade which opened it's doors at the same time. It was an awesome job, it paid well, the customers were nice, some of which we saw almost daily because they wanted to win some of the prizes so badly, and the work we had to do was fun as well.

In the time I wasn't studying anymore I was working there fulltime and when I started studying again in September I began to work part time. Since it was still in it's opening stages everything was still kind of getting set up and chaotic and some of the colleagues were taking advantage of that by taking some of the prizes for themselves and checking them out of the system. Imagine PS4's, iPad's, GoPro's, expensive things. The thing was though that you needed to log in with the staff cards everyone got provided with when they got hired and everything got logged. Now here's where the problem lies. When I was working fulltime I was working about 200 hours a month and my staff card was there 24/7 and I never bothered to take it home with me since I was there almost every day anyway and I didn't want to lose it. I think you can imagine where I'm going with this, some of them took my card and scanned it to log in and checked the prizes out on my account which I only found out about when the company started going after everyone and they told me. And now here's the worst part, since everything was done on my account and there wasn't any real evidence of others taking these items with them they told me I had to pay it all back. I now have to compensate for everything they stole and they had to fire me.

The worst part? I have one month. Instead of me being able to pay it in installments they want me to pay it all before the end of the year so they can file their tax returns. They've already withheld my last paycheck and I'm not even close. The total amount I had to pay was about 3500 Euros minus the paycheck comes down to a little more than 2500 Euros. With me being without a job I now have no way to pay for this since I also have to pay rent, college tuition and health insurance and if I don't pay this they will sue me which will be even worse.I honestly don't know what to do anymore and kind of posted this in the hope there is someway, someone or some people who can help me out. I would be immensely grateful and be forever in your debt. Even if you won't be able to help, sharing would be a big help as well.

Waar het op neer komt is dat ik bij een arcade heb gewerkt in mijn tussenjaar toen het net open ging. Alles moest nog goed geinstalleerd worden en mensen moesten ingewerkt worden en mensen hebben gebruik gemaakt van de chaos en prijzen gestolen, denk aan GoPro's, iPads, dure dingen. Dit zou niks met mij te maken hebben maar ze hebben voor veel van deze dingen mijn staff card gebruikt om deze uit het systeem te checken. Na een hevig onderzoek zijn ze gepakt maar omdat er toen ik aan het werk was ook dingen gestolen waren en er geen beelden waren dat ze het ook mee namen heb ik de schuld gekregen en moet alles terug betalen. Ik ben het al zo lang mogelijk aan het uitstellen, ik moest alles namelijk in 1 maand betalen omdat ze alles voor de belasting goed op orde willen hebben maar dat hou ik maar zo lang vol en ik krijg het bedrag zo snel niet bij elkaar. Ik zou dus ongelofelijk dankbaar zijn als mensen me hiermee zouden helpen en ik zou alles doen om je te bedanken. Delen zou ook al heel erg helpen.