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Hi everybody, My name is Julie, 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands. The reason I started this funding campaign, is because since I was young I've had a dream; this dream is to volunteer abroad and help communities and the conservation of those countries. I feel blessed to live in the Netherlands, this because it's a rather wealthy country and I live life pretty good. But I've known since years that there are countries where people do not have as much a good life as here in the Netherlands. Through www.planmygapyear.com I finally got the opportunity to seek this dream and help protect and rehabilitate at-risk sea turtles whilst also volunteering at community development projects; I'm really excited to be able to do some goods in the world. I hope people want to help me to get the money I need to travel to Sri Lanka at the end of May and participate in this project. I would be so happy if anyone would give me any donation and I thank you all in advance!!! Much love, Julie