Gabriele on a retreat trip

Raising money for Gabriele's trip preferebly to Bali


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Neringa Kavaliauskaite


Madrid, Spain

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Gabriele on a retreat trip

If you would know Gabriele about a year ago, she would take your attention by being honestly friendly and kind to you* AND

If you would know her about a year ago, she would party till the early morning, and would continue the day after* AND

If you would know her about a year ago, she would make you feel like at home, comfortable and cared* AND

If you would know her about a year ago, she would study and work hard to reach her goals* BUT

There is one BUT. I'm not saying that her personality has changed (she would still impress you by being honestly warm and welcoming person), BUT last year Gabriele had received the news that will affect her life in her future. And those news took all of her energy and passion to seek a better life. At the age of 25, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage 3. Now, I'm not going to tell about the difficulties she faced, the fear she had to fight, the dissapointing feeling she had while thinking 'why me?' and all that... The cancer is not a new evil that happens these days, but after acknowledging it, it was important for Gabriele to take all of her energy to fight with it.

At the moment, she is going through chemotherapy sessions, the last one is coming soon. So not much left on her way to deal with. The power and energy is getting lower, but she is still hopeful and living day to day to finally go through it. And she will, there is no question about it :)

The only question is - what's after? I've heard that once you have a cancer, you kind of start living together, fighting against it and with it. As soon as it will be over, it will be very hard to get back into daily routine, find the power and passion to follow her goals, find finally a balance and stability in her life.

Therefore, I would like to ask whether there are people willing to join this campaign/project/whatever-you-can-call-it to raise some money for Gabriele's trip to preferebly Bali, where she could join those yoga retreat camps - distance herself for a little bit from the past year difficulties and find a peace within herself and with the surrounded environment. I know Gabriele, as my best friend, for more than five years and such a trip would be essential to refresh her mind, change environment, maybe even visit a bit of Indonesia and look forward for the future. Gabriele already expressed her wishes after she will fight the cancer to try to help other people, who face/had faced same problems. Not sure in which ways, but she is searching for an activity, where she could also realize herself.

It is always hard to ask somebody for a help, especially when it comes to financials, but sometimes you need such a push to make some things happen, for yourself and others.

So I'm hopeful that there will be some people to contribute to her trip, which might happen in autum. Afterwards, Gabriele will share her adventures and experiences with everybody! :)

Thank you in advance for your donations, really appreciate it!!!