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Nyeko Richard Oeghanda  finished helping grandmother doing his obligations. It had been nice at school. Now it was time to kick a ball. Nyeko is orphan, Dad and ma were killed during the war. It taught him things in life could be very tough. However football was fun! But although he laughed when got severely kicked against his leg, he couldn't sleep that night from the pain. His leg swell, and though they first thought it wasn't that bad. It became a hard time for him, family, friends and medical staff when the decision had to be taken to amputate his leg to safe his life. Now two year later Nyeko works hard at school. He is doing fine due through the help of his big brother. His wish and goal is to become a doctor!. Last week he fell and also got a flew. All this made me think of him. So I decided to ask your help via this media. Wouldn't it be great to help him have an art leg , a good bed, and some money to move forward in schooling? He doesn't know I am working on this. But I believe together we can  kick the trouble, and push the joy!


Rv. Louise