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About training:

This therapy was founded by Liane Collot 'd Herbois (1907-1999). She was originally an artist and a painter. When she got to know dr. Rudolf Steiner's lectures, she started to walk a deep and serious esoteric inner path. This made it possible to recognise the spiritual nature of colours.

Later, she asked Dr. Ita Wegman to help in developing her therapy. Thus the joint work of the two of them is a therapeutic method that can help people in a versatile way. This therapy not only focuses on the physical body, and is not just a soul balancer but it is can help the whole human being to be more healthier. Thus we can increasingly understand the true spiritual morality.

About myself:

I am Gabriella Pünkösti from Hungary. I was born next to the Bükk Mountains where there are a lot of springs, streams, caves and of course forests. I have loved nature from my childhood. I like to admire natural processes as well. And it is a great observation task to draw them! You can learn a lot in the meantime.

I think it is very important to learn this therapy and work with it. Although it is a new area, more and more people will recognize its importance. There are some painting therapists who work in hospitals eg. in internal medicine or at obstetrics department. And some therapists work in a special educational institution or in a psychiatric department.

All these things I would like to study and work with this therapy process. I think it is important for all of us to make the world more enrich by what we can do in it.