Fietsen tegen kanker Giro di KiKa

For the Giro di KiKa event, I will cycle 900km in June 2019, because I want no child should suffer from cancer in this world...


Created by :

Anna Bednarczyk


, Italy

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"It always seems impossible, until it’s done" Nelson Mandela.

It has become my 2019 challenge to complete a full triathlon IRONMAN. As a preparation for my triathlon, I was looking for various cycling events organized around Europe to practice long distances on the race bike. Last year, I participated in the KiKa Run, where I had an opportunity to get to know KiKa organization and most importantly, where I met children who face bigger challenge, than most of us will ever do. It was both, inspirational and heart-breaking, at the same time. Seeing these small fighters on stage, listening to their stories and meeting some of the parents personally, had truly opened my heart.

One could argue, showing off very sick children seems inappropriate, but I personally believe, it is needed for many to understand what these children and their families really go through.

I have no personal drama story. I have been fortunate in my life - I am a healthy person, who has all possibilities to pursue her passion and dreams. I have two amazing and healthy boys, who bring lots of happiness to my life. And I feel, we often underestimate how much we actually have. That is the reason, why I have chosen to cycle for KiKa as my preparation for my triathlon. I believe, I owe it to children fighting cancer. There is no single child in the world, who deserves suffering from cancer.

And here, I am reaching out for your help. As part of Giro KiKa, I will cycle 900km, with more than 14000m elevation in just 6 days. So those of you who are worried that I won't work for this donation don‛t have to worry..

In order to participate in this event, I would like to raise minimal amount of €2500.

Yes, challenging, but significance of this challenge fades away, when you think of children, who fight for their life. Let’s help them, let’s inspire them and let’s all fight for the world, in which no child passes away from cancer.