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Covering 10.000km together, the distance to Kenya, to collect money for food and education for the children of Kiota children's support center! You can walk, run, cycle (tour, race, mountainbike) and choose the distance of your choice!

Due to international participants we have opened a crowdfunding page here next to Walk with Kumbatio at PIF-world.

The participants walk, run or cycle one of the following distances during 1 month which runs from 10 August till 10 September:


WALKING: 100 or 150 kilometers

RUNNING: 40 or 60 kilometers

CYCLING: 120 or 160 kilometers


WALKING: 200 or 300 kilometers

RUNNING: 80 or 120 kilometers

ROAD CYCLING/MOUNTAIN BIKING: 200 or 400 kilometers

All together we would like to get to Kenya distance-wise (10,000km) and raise €10,000/16,500AUD/9000BP

Currency rates:

1 Euro (€) = 0.89 British Pound

1 British Pound (£) = 1.11 Euro

1 Euro (€) = 1.65 AUD

1 AUD ($)= 0.60 Euro

So for example if you donate 25 Euro while living in England, you'll pay around 23 pounds (25 x 0.89 or 25/1.11)

This will be for someone in Australia: 25 x 1.65 or 25/0.6 and will be around 27 dollars.

For more information: www.kumbatio.org/walk-with-kumbatio

€ 1.180

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