Escaping poverty

Escaping poverty


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At the tender age of 17 me and two of my friends left our home and family to study abroad. We left with nothing but the change our parents were able to give us for our journey to a complete new country. We are now 25 years old and haven't been able to afford to go back home an see our parents and siblings. As students we have very little money and the money we do have we spend it on food. They are many days we don't have much to eat so we just eat bread an water since it's so cheap to survive for the rest of the month. We came here for a better life to one day be able to help our parents. Last February my friend lost her dad and since then we have realized that life is to short and we would really like to visit our parents that we have left back home. unfortunately we don't have money we can't afford to buy the tickets or afford food while we are there. We haven't seen our parents since we left and we would be truly grateful if you could donate a little as 1 euro to help us see our parents again. i hope you can find it in your kind hearts to help our dream come true.