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Disruptive Voices


Berlijn, Duitsland

We are creating an educational platform that aims to disrupt narratives that perpetuate racial and social injustices, by focusing on the empowerment of our youth. We need your support.

We must recognize and connect with our humanity and aim for a world that can hold the complexity of many stories, many worlds. 

We are activists, artists and survivors of racial, economic and political injustices. Due to our own personal encounters with both systemic and internalized racism, we understand the severity of these issues. Our lives have been shaped by these. The atrocities occurring worldwide were a catalyst for this initiative, these racial injustices have deeply saddened us and we feel a deep sense of urgency.   

The deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and other hate crimes have ignited a global uprising that demands change. This issue is not US-centric, we see demonstrations against racism in all major European cities. A shift is taking place where old social belief systems are dismantling and creating space for other realities to be expressed. Many have asked "Where does this anger and pain come from?" It disturbs us to recognize that mainstream media is not answering these questions in their full complexity. 

It is vital to have these conversations in order to understand the experiences and realities that different bodies are subject to everyday. When we fail to recognize these differences, intentionally or unintentionally, our actions have an impact on human lives. Educating ourselves cultivates a better understanding of our own actions and more compassion towards other lived realities. 

Therefore we have decided to create an educational platform

Now more than ever, we recognize the impact media can have and how the presence of these issues in social media can be utilized to demand change and influence the cultural landscape worldwide. Furthermore, we are concerned with the consequences that plague our minority youth, who suffer most from the internalization of experienced hate and racism, often causing deeply ingrained sentiments of unworthiness.

Why us

Due to our experience working within different disciplines, such as journalism, film, tv and media, as well as working with public personas such as thought leaders, actors, poets, and musicians, we have a vast community of creatives. We will mobilize this community by creating content centered around the abolishment of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and the environmental destruction of our planet. 


We aim to disrupt mainstream media by uplifting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) voices and allies who express their beliefs, who are unafraid, and who stand in solidarity with the most marginalized among us. People who change the way we see ourselves and one another. Artists who voice the needs of our people. It is vital for us to empower our youth by reflecting on our history, by shedding light on the dominant narratives that perpetuate ideas of unworthiness which are utilized as tools of oppression. Given today's political climate, our educational content will also be a source for those willing to question and reflect on their privilege and their lack of knowing. 

We have been indoctrinated with a divisive mentality that weakens us. We aim to change that, we believe that despite our differences, we deeply benefit from working together towards the abolishment of racial injustice.

Our objective is to foster sisterhood and brotherhood among us while holding space for and acknowledging our different lived experiences. The educational platform & organization will be led by women of color. 

How we will achieve this

The educational platform will begin as an online video content platform with contributions by  experts, artists and BIPOC voices on anti-racism & anti-colonialism while working towards the abolishment of sexism, class struggle, homophobia, transphobia and the environmental destruction of our planet.  

The content will range from documentary-form, interviews, round-table discussions, lectures and short format talks, as well as creative fiction pieces.  

It is crucial for us to include content from various languages across the globe by collaborating with other organizations, artists and activists. Our first video-content will be in English, though  in the future we will commit to including subtitles in different languages. 

The website will include a way to connect with other like-minded people to create community, inciting gatherings to talk about these issues and new initiatives, in which the platform will serve as an educational tool and a point of departure. We aim to instigate these conversations among BIPOC communities and allies and to share tools that can be of service to the lives of marginalized people, tools that promote kinship and support among us. 

Our aim is to begin production along with the development of the website in 45 days, we need all the support possible to achieve this.

We are raising funds for the following costs: 

15% of all raised funds and profits will be in direct support of Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement.

These will be divided as follows: 

- The Yemen Humanitarian Crisis  -  Due to COVID19 more than 80% of the population is in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. 

- TWOCC, an organization dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of trans women of color.

- BLM funds for protesters who have been imprisoned various bailout funds, such as these organizations are led by black organizers. 

4.9% + 0.25ct per transaction of all raised funds go to this platform and payment processing fees.

80% of all raised funds and profits will go to the creation of our educational platform.  

  • All legal fees concerning the organization  
  • Trademark registration
  • Website development 
  • Graphic design costs
  • Production and post production costs: cinematographer, editor, color grading, rental equipment, etc. 
  • Creation of educational content: texts, scripts, graphics, etc. 
  • Website domain hosting costs. 

Your donations will fund the creation of the first educational videos to be featured on the platform for which support from various BIPOC artists has already been confirmed.

Education is the seed that creates new futures - SUPPORT THE CHANGE - DONATE 

We thank you for your time and attention, we deeply value your donations and support.

Disruptive Voices

Follow our campaign at @disruptive_voices on instagram.

Quote by the great Audre Lorde.

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