Educatie voor 125 kinderen in Mongolië

In maart 2019 zullen wij naar de uiterste hoek van de wereld rijden om voor 125 kinderen hun leven te veranderen. Op ons pad zullen we 18 landen en 2 continenten doorkruisen waarmee we 16.000 km afleggen om ten slotte Ulaanbaatar (Mongolië) te bereiken.


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Stichting MIH


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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“For 10 years, the Program has been giving us more than monthly amount of money but has given me strength and confidence to continue my dream of higher education, which I dare not to dream of before because of my poverty.” Anh, 18

We are the foundation 'Stichting MIH' and we are dream chasers from the Netherlands!

Have you ever felt the necessity and urge to do something in return for society? So did we!

The cause

After being all around the world, through 6 continents, we came to understand that we are truly fortunate to be from the place we grew up in. We were born with literally everything: education, safety, wealth, food, a loving family, vacations etc. Besides excellent personal conditions, there is nothing to complain about in terms of government, healthcare, educational system, social security and safety in our country. These things were being taken for granted before we started traveling and living in other parts of the world.

For us it was strange to realize that the place you are born reflects the opportunities you have in life. In this case happiness is not related to opportunities, we have seen the happiest people in the world at places you wouldn’t expect them. However, these people are limited in pursuing their dreams of traveling, becoming a doctor, teacher or economist, etc. not just because of a lack of financial support but also due to a lack of education. Education will stop people limiting in chasing their dreams.

Our mission is to let other people’s dreams come true. Therefore, we started <a href="" style="color: rgb(93, 128, 0); background-color: transparent;" target="_blank">Stichting MIH</a> to give back to the people. We will go to the end of the world crossing 18 countries and 2 continents by car to raise €500,000 in order to give more than 120 children an education for the next 10 years. The more awareness we raise the more children that can chase their dreams. 

The funds

All our funds will go directly to CNCF (Christina Noble Children's Foundation) which is an organization committed to helping alleviate child poverty in Vietnam & Mongolia and giving all children the right to a happy and safe childhood. Stichting MIH is working closely with CNCF who fully support us in our cause.

Stichting MIH will support the 'Child Sponsorship Programme' in Mongolia, where children will be given a 10 year education plan. Your help can literally save and transform the life of a child, restore dignity within the whole family, and eradicate the terrible cycle of abuse and poverty once and for all – all through the highest quality of education, health, holistic care and grassroots services. 

The breakdown will look like this:

The monthly cost of providing one child with education is €33. Yearly this would be approximately €400. Which means that the costs for one child for 10 years would be €4,000.

€33 per month * 12 months = €400 per year

€400 per year * 10 years = €4,000 per child for 10 years

As it's our goal to help more than 120 children we are going to need a total of €500,000 

Leonard Bernhardt had sponsored multiple children and says the following:

“I’ve sponsored children that are married now; they have a good home, a good job and they’re taking care of their parents who raised them in poverty with nothing. And now they are helping their parents and they’re doing it on their own completely. If you’re thinking of sponsoring a child with CNCF I can guarantee, you’ll never regret it!” 

Support that people as Leonard are giving is desperately needed. If one person can make a difference, imagine what we could do with all of us!

Thank you for your support! And remember, we will make dreams come true.

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