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The Earthkeepers foundation, founded in the Netherlands is an non-profit foundation that is supported by a collective of creative and sustainable entrepreneurs and private people worldwide.

Earthkeepers is a foundation that supports the wellbeing of the planet and as a result our own wellbeing. Making people aware that only with a thriving planet we as a human species can thrive.

We emphasize the importance of human connection to nature and the earth. Educating, supporting and nurturing people with the resources they need to create harmony in our society, so it can become a healing environment. We guide, train, heal and assist individuals that feel the calling to be the Earthkeepers they are born to be. People who are ready to make an impact in the world. Eager to tab into their full human potential by becoming part of a tribe of kindred Spirits, a worldwide family.

With the Earthkeepers Project we help preserve and recognise the Sacredness of the earth and her biosphere as a reflection of our inner biosphere.

Are you ready to transform this world into a world that works in co-creation with the Earth as our common body, and nature as our common creative expression?

"Earthkeepers is shaping a tribe where everyone comes to terms with their essential contribution to the Earth. With as a result: flourishing individuals in a thriving worldwide community."

Earthkeepers - Enlighten your purpose and live your essence