Donation to help me get an Education.

I need help to raise money to pay my school tuition fee. It is for my Dance Education I am doing to get my Bachelor's degree in Choreography and Performance.


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Clifford Henry


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I struggling everyday I have trouble to pay my school tuition fee and other bills which sometimes leads me to just want to do the unexpected and end it all. I think back of my family in school my teachers who motivate me and push me to reach my goals. I think about those who I lost through suicide and the ones who made a difference in their lives and who made a change. Beneath my smile there is Pain, Hurt, Doubt, Loneliness, Understanding , Hope, Finding ones true self, Courage, Just wanting to follow my Dreams to be one of the best Choreographers in the world and giving to those who can't afford it like myself. I want to be an inspiration and a role model to young Dancers, Performers, Teachers and Artists like myself. We all have stories that need to be heard. I tell my story through Dance which is my passion.