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Donate to quear my bowl cancer

Help raise the funds to cover medical cost to get an opperation done so im not put on the public waiting list to see a dr to make process to get an operation to become well again
  • I'm a 32 year old girl suffering from bowl ♋
  • I need to find people willing to help me an be willing to be able to donate to help raise funds to cover all medical cost be for the end of next month as ice been stuck in hospital for two months so far 2 an a half months going on three month since I found out I had cancer in my bowl system witch was given that much trouble the drs gave me 6years life span left in myself but if I don't get enough money to raise to pay cost of medical bills I'm going to have to be put on a waiting list to see the drs from the public hospital system an they only gave me 6 years to live so its course I ng a lot of stress on top of all the pain an the massive lose of blood every time I need to pass my bowls its bleeding mass amount of blood every time leaving me feeling light head without being able to even walk from a to b destination an finding it very dificult to get threw the day .
  • Im currently stuck in hospital due to be very unwell from my bowl cancer witch is affecting my every day living inhabbitats like just getting up in the mornings is a big effort as I'm stuck in bed an have been for be for I was diganozed early in February an the hospital is already looking at booking me in to see the drs to get an operation done to heal the cancer cause its pretty bad the straingth of cancer that is attacking my hole bowl system, its left me feeling that unwell I'm made to stay laying down most the day as I can't even get up to make my way around the hospital as its left me feeling dizzy an weak alot of the time during the days that are passing since be for I found out I was diganozed with the bowl ♋ that I currently have an need to find the funding to cover my medical bill .
  • I need to find people to donate to help me raise $9000 to get my operation done privately be for the end of next month , so I'm not put on a public waiting list for the next 5 years its going to take to get into get another operation if I can't raise any funds to help put towards paying for medical cost that its going to cost to get in to see specialist/ the opperating Dr till my operation date comes available once I raise enough money to pay for all fees that its going to cost I'll be fundraising cause I don't have the family and friends network of people to even share my story via .
  • Please contact via phone / email
  • Phone : +6146-649-0122
  • Email :
  • P.s : please do not call me via fone call as I'm currently unable to see your calls or retrieve your calls as I'll be in the hospital ward I stay on an unable to receive calls but I can access my email / text msgs as I have my phone hooked up to the computer I have whilest I'm in hospital .
  • Hope to find all the funds so I am able to get donatations so I'm able to pay for all medical cost that I need to cover to a total of $9000 +
  • All donations are welcome no matter how much your donations are hope you guys are able to help me get my operation so I'm not placed on a 5 year waiting list when ice only been given 6 years to live its horrible haven to face what I'm currently faceing with this evil diesease attacking my hole bowl its making my life help please donate
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