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Together with a group of Shell colleagues, I am joining a cycling trip for Charity (31 Aug-3 Sep) from Shell's headquarters in The Hague, to Valenciennes (France). I would highly appreciate if you could make a contribution to this charity! The charity is a Refugee center located in Rijswijk, in the same street as one of our Shell offices. About 500 people are living in this Center, including children, some of which go to school by bike. Second hand bikes have been donated but there is still a need for more. In addition, there is a need for some of the children to learn how to ride, to become street safe with regards navigating road traffic, obeying signals etc. So our aim is to raise money from which we can buy bikes/ bike materials, but also to teach some of the kids how to ride and ride safely. Many thanks in advance for your contributions! All the best, warm regards, Paul Beijer