Creating an online platform for young leaders and world-changing projects.

This platform will have the power to significantly help end extreme poverty.


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Hi! We are Leaders of Today, a community of young leaders and activists from 40 countries across the globe, who will help end extreme poverty by 2030. We're raising funds to realise an online platform, which will allow any young person to take action for a cause they care about, while connecting with other changemakers across the globe and share stories of their impact. Here's what we will achieve this year: - Build a school in Ghana. - Raise awareness to 10,000 people about statelessness. - Provide 38,000+ children with food fortification. - Write 5,000 letters to free a political prisoner. - Provide 400 people in rural Nepal with durable healthcare. - Support a young peace activist, Nawras. More information on the campaigns: Why young people to help end poverty? The most succesful movement towards ending extreme poverty has been the process of achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The success was founded on the boldness of the goals. We need more BOLD to create an impact. Young people are bold, full of passion, determination and energy - all of which is needed to really make a difference. Our naivety makes us able to innovate by thinking outside set limits and old ideas. Our inexperience makes us more determinate to learn. Our boldness makes us able to achieve bigger and better than ever imagined. We are big. More than half of the world are people under 30. Growing up surrounded by technology has given us the skills and knowledge to become an extremely interconnected, and therefore powerful and influential generation. Today, it has never been so easy for us to raise our voice and make a difference. Moreover, you can't ignore more than half of the world. It is the world's duty to listen to what our generation has to say and we deserve to be taken seriously. Our huge, powerful, bold and passionate movement therefore can and must play an essential role in ending poverty. The campaigns are ready, we're represented in 40 countries across the globe with a 1 million-reach and are partners with the United Nations, Amnesty International and our Global Advocate, actress Monique Coleman and many more awesome organizations and individuals. Now, we just need enough funding to create the online platform. READ MORE>> Where does my donation go to? 100% of your donation will be used to design and develop the online platform, which we have hired creative agency DrawHistory for, ensuring that the platform will be of superb quality and has the potential to change the world. On the platform, you will be able to join and start campaigns for social causes such as human rights, education, equality, poverty eradication, water and food security, safety, health and much more. You will be able to mobilize our community and movement to raise funds, raise awareness or simply to take action. You can connect with other young changemakers across the globe and share stories, create communities and expand your network. You can advance your leadership skills by downloading our content and action plans, setting you up for the leader that you can be. How can I donate? Click on 'Doneer nu' (Donate now) -> Eenmalig (Once) --> Type in the amount --> Éénmalige afschrijving (Bank transfer once) --> Fill in your Name and International Bank Account (IBAN) --> Check 'Buitenlandse IBAN' (Foreign IBAN) if you are from outside The Netherlands --> if so, fill in your bank code --> and your email address --> Doneer nu (Donate now). What do I get back? €10 BELIEVER: receive Certificate of Honor on platform + Ticket to the Launch party 'Rebels with a cause'. €25 LEADER OF TODAY: receive Exclusive Leaders of Today t-shirt (excl. shipping costs) + Thank you letter from your favorite campaign + all of the above. €50 VIP LEADER OF TODAY: receive Invitation to our high-profile International Summit + spot on Wall of Fame + Premium services to host your campaigns on our platform for 6 months (600% discount). €100 LEGENDARY LEADER OF TODAY: receive Public Speaking services by Andre Damian (Founder) or 1-hour Skype meeting + Premium services to host your campaigns on our platform for 1 year (600% discount) + spot on Wall of Fame + Summit Invitation. €250 ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADER: receive Premium services to host your campaigns on our platform for free forever + Shout-out to our hundreds of members + Social Media shout-out + Summit Invitation. €500 CORPORATE LEADER: get International and widespread exposure for your campaign on our platform + Dinner with Founders + all of the above. €1000 FOUNDING PARTNER: famed and promoted as Founding Partner forever + all of the above. Story of how Leaders of Today was founded. Andre Damian, the Founder of Leaders of Today, has worked and travelled across the world to advocate for human rights, children rights and youth empowerment and speaking at TEDx and the United Nations - and has seen the potential of youth-driven impact with his own eyes, when meeting young changemakers from all over the world. He believed their ambition and passion to create social change was extremely inspirational and wanted to create a movement to replicate this power.