Created by :

Daryll Barcela


, Filipijnen


I am seeking for your help to feed my community during this pandemic crisis Covid-19 that affects the lives of the people especially the poor

Dear Kind Hearted Person,

My name is Daryll Barcela. I live in Manila, Philippines. Currently I have no job because of this pandemic situation we have right now. (Covid-19)

My community don't have money to buy for our food on daily needsbecause of quarantine. Basically I have none save monetary on my pocket.

I am knocking on your heart to please help/ donate any amount you desire. I know God has better plans for you.

I am gladly to pray for you and your family to be safe and be blessed.

I know that I am greatful to your willingness the family in need.

Please donate paypal@

Looking forward to hear from your act of compassion during this trying times.

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