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Commia (Community Internet Award)


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Why we wish to introduce the Commia

Considering the exponential growth of internet threats worldwide and the absent of institutes and governments powerful enough to deal with these threats either individually or collectively, we are convinced that Commia (Community Internet Award) will be a viable solution to combat these threats.

The Commia will be most unique and effective worldwide on and for the internet due to its democratic and inclusive character and its organisation structure. Consider for example her membership drafting. They will be recruited from all over the world and from all layers of the society (rich, poor, well or poorly educated). Thus, giving the mass the opportunity to be guardian of the internet instead of merely a chosen (undemocratic) few.

The Commia members will be on the lookout for internet talent that are applicable to be nominated for the Commia. They furthermore will put their candidate forward to the Commia Council (Internet Community Council - ICC). These candidate can be either individuals , organisations or governmental bodies that has shown excellence in the area of internet accessibility and security on behalf its worldwide users. By doing so helping the Commia institute to reach its goals. Which is making the internet as accessible as possible for all her well willing users (i.e. Internet Community - IC).

Through crowd funding we wish to collect a considerable amount of money enabling us to set up this worldwide non-profit organisation that will have its fixed annual Commia event in The Netherlands.

Naturally, by donating you will automatically become a Passive Commia member. If you wish to play an active role within the annual Commia we will gladly enlist you as an Active Commia member. We thrive to have a membership list with members from each country of the earth. You are needed and very much welcome.

We decided to kick start the Commia through crowd funding for two reasons, namely;

(1) to safeguard the transparent and thus the democratic character of the Commia (Award),

(2) a crowd funder can be a potential Commia member.

For more information kindly contact:


Mr. Cornelis Brasem



(Community Internet Award) (under construction)


+31 6 848 0 414