Charity: piano for our church

Charity: piano for our church


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Charity: piano for our church


Netherlands, Netherlands

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For the last 20 years, our church used the same old piano during the ceremonies. The last couple of years the number of youth is decreasing because we lack the means for greater enthusiasm. Our goal is to make the congregations attractive again. It starts with a new piano to make music the way it’s meant to be. From within our own community we managed to raise 10.000 euros already, but we’re not there yet. Since the money-well dried up, we thought of asking the people worldwide for another additional 5.000 euros to help us consider something worth buying. Our future plans are plain and simple. With a new piano we can organize events, like concerts en sing-ins, assemble a choir and above all, make the congregation more enthusiastic, so we can grow in numbers.God bless each and every one of you!Sincerely, Rick van den BergPianist @ Rehoboth kerkErmelo, Netherlands