Bruce Lee and the Outlaw

If you want to take action and help the protagonists of Bruce Lee and the Outlaw. This is the place to do it! All donations will go towards Nicu and helping Raluca setting up her day center.


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Bruce Lee and the Outlaw


Bucharest, Romania

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If you want to take action and help the protagonists of Bruce Lee and the Outlaw. This is the place to do it.

The money we receive through this page is helping in two significant ways:


Raluca has worked tirelessly with everyone in the tunnels, including Nicu, who has been under her loving care for several years now. Her dedication to him has been life-changing and via this way, we aim to help Raluca's continued support for Nicu.


Raluca is currently creating a safe space where youths, just like Nicu, who live on the streets can meet and engage in sports and healthy activities. She is establishing an alternative, friendly, and safe environment that is customised to their needs and interests, where they can congregate, meet other youths, and spend time away from the streets. 

With this space established, she believes new possibilities are imaginable for these young people, and help – in the forms of education, social assistance, and health care- will be better suited to their needs, and thus also better integrated and implemented.


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We will be giving away 10 limited edition photographic books, signed and numbered by Joost Vandebrug (at random, regardless of funding amount), to the contributors of this page.

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