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Blockchain Foundation Netherlands (statutory name Stichting Blockchain Nederland)

Mission Statement
  1. Promoting development and dissemination of knowledge on blockchain technology and its implications.
  2. Promoting cooperation between third parties both nationally and internationally, in the broadest sense to allow development and dissemination of this knowledge.
  3. Entering into partnerships to facilitate development and dissemination of this knowledge.
  4. Performing all further activities related to the above in the broadest sense, or may be conducive thereto.
The foundation seeks to achieve its objective by facilitating third parties, like: public and private institutions, individuals, legal persons and all other beneficiary stakeholders, both nationally and internationally, with development and dissemination of knowledge, through contributing to and producing publications and other means, education through presentations, facilitating dialogue between beneficiary stakeholders, curating and interpreting news and developments, shaping opinion, chairing and participating in special interest groups within existing organizations or other institutions, and all other activities which are conducive to development and dissemination of knowledge of this technology and its implications, in the broadest sense.
The foundation aims to create more impact in terms of awareness and consciousness of blockchain technology and its implications for governments, industry and society, and all other possible, currently unknown, beneficiary parties.