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This amazing project offers better vision for the people in Oloonkolin, Kenya. The town Oloonkolin is located in the region TransMara, and has appr. 4,000 inhabitants and is extremely poor. When I visited Kenya in 2007 on a touristic journey, I was already deeply moved by what I saw there. After hearing the recent travel reports by my colleagues Ton and Vivian, who went for a mission in Oolonkolin last March, I was deeply touched and decided to join their next mission, together with my husband. My field of expertise as an Ophthalmologist are corneal disease (especially keratoconus) and cataract. A cataract surgery package costs 75 euro. At this time, there are 70 people awaiting surgery. To make the next mission happen, we need your financial support. On September 17th, my husband Jan-Willem will join a fundraising bike tour to help raise money for the next mission. Please help out and donate!