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Basic education for the poorest children

Background story


Sukajadi is of one of the poorest village in Bogor district, West Java. The are high number of drop out students from elementary school around the village. There are 6 elementary school. Many of the graduated students cannot continue to the next level, because of economy problem..

The families of these children don't have money to bring them to school. They have no future. If they don't go to school then at this moment the future is not really positive because of economical problem of the families. On the long term, the are become more poorest. That the are did not have formal education and skill to bargain the open competitive labour market. 

The government is supporting a little bit with building construction, operational cost. But is too little because limited annual budget both of local government central government. Al Muttaqien junior school established on 2003, The location near from the settlement of the poor families. The Al Muttaqien is providing free education to the students. We call Al Muttaqien school is the school for the poorest, free payment for the entire school program. 

Lack of facilities

By January 2019, the students that devided into 9 classes.  The teachers and staffs are  22 persons (included official staff, cleaning service and security),. Starting on 2012, the school received operational budgets as subsides from government for students scholarship, teachers, staff , but its only sufficient to  cover 50% of  real operational cost.

40 % of student are the poorest family, cannot pay monthly education such as Rp. 75.000/months (U$.5).We faind out through fund raising and donation  but still not enough.


Thus that mention earlier, income the teacher and staff, only 50%  minimum standard income, related to the goverment policy.

The need to support

By the year 2018, SMIT Al Muttaqin deided into 12 classes, using for Language Labolatorium, Computer Labolatorium, library, teacher space, administration office, meeting room and YPMUI Foundation Office. There are also sport area for badminton and futsal sport area.

Recently the local government has been supported to build and construct 2 new class room that scheduled to complete by

end of February 2019. However, the support of Rp. 200.000.000 is only enough to construct 2 new classes room and yet both classroom needs to have all education standard equipment for education activities. These are including, table, student desks and chairs, black and white board, books, corner libary, and all other supporting learning media.


These new classes are to absorb the new students as the school plan is to receive 70 new students in the 2019-2020 school periods. Therefore the total number of students will become 275 students by the new school period of 2019-2020.


The demographic income population within the area is mostly from family working at agricultural (labour), housing assistance, motorcycle taxi, selling crops at the traditional markets, etc.

Therefore, their income is low that makes them difficult to have their kids to have school education due to lack of income. However, they are enthusiastically with the school presence as it may raise hope for their kids better future.

Therefore, the number of students apply to this school is rose during the past years.

The impact is that the school is bare heavier operational cost as the incoming new students coming from family that

cannot contribute for monthly school while the expenses and needed for adequate

education support and facilities is also raise. These includes; students

material, teachers support, maintenance, etc.


 To summarize the school is in need of Help and Support from outside world donation in 

order to be able to overcome belows:


1. Additional students to makes total of 275 students, the present available monthly operational cost is only sufficient

to cover 60% of the activities, the rest 40% activities need to be funded. 

2. The presence of 2 new classes is in need of education facility equipment to be able to perform education activities:

Student and teacher desk-chairs, supporting teaching material and media

3. Library book corners, books and all other supporting media in general

4. To raise teachers motivation by increase their salary to at least 80% of minimum standard salary according to the

government policy

The schedule

Step 1, February- March 2010

Finishing contraction for 2 new classes and preparing for the socialization and registration for new students, new education calendar (June 29010-Juli 2021).

Step 2, Mei and June 2020

Field socialization for new student to each elementary school in the area, graduated the 9<sup>th</sup> class, registration the new students

Step 3, July –August 2020

Complete furniture for students as tables/chairs (70 units),and teacher furnitures (2 packages) book references, 70 packages, teaching media for two classes.

Step 4, June 2020- December 2020

Fund raising for scholarship 40 % of poor students, teachers and staff additional salary (related to standard minimum Indonesia income)


 Need Support

  1. Socialization and new students registration
  2. Proiding table and chair 70 students.
  3. Proiding teacher furniture teaching media and support facilities, 2 packages
  4. Students references and corners library, 2 unit
  5. Giving scholarship for 40 % students, 12 mints a 108 students, U$ 5/persons
  6. Additional support for teacher, 9 teacher and staffs, 12 months U$ 100


Al Muttaqien junior school

Jl.Babakan Inpres,Desa.Sukajadi, aqien Sari sub District, Bogor District,

West Java Province, Indonesia