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We need to act now

The climate- and ecological crisis rages on while the political will for radical action lags behind. Governments must work on much more ambitious climate policies. If we fail to do so, we are heading for warming of 3 degrees or more in 2100 with unprecedented disastrous consequences. Three cabinets of Rutte have taught us that the climate and ecological emergency has no priority and dangles somewhere at the bottom of the political program. This has to change! We need to take action now, otherwise, it will be too late.

In these times of crisis, Extinction Rebellion is willing to demand radical change by going out on the streets. We consist of worried citizens, young and old, from all corners of the country. We demand 1) the truth about climate change, 2) that our governments will do everything that is necessary to prevent a catastrophe and 3) that citizens can decide about a fair and just sustainable transition. You can support our cause by making a donation to this platform, or by transferring directly to our bank account: NL86 SNSB 0783 1486 74, account holder 'Stichting Vrienden van XR'.

Important: If you fail to make a donation via whydonate.nl, send a direct bank transfer to Stichting Vrienden van XR, IBAN: NL86 SNSB 0783 1486 74

Your contribution makes a big difference

Everything we can do relies on the generosity of donors. Because we are completely run by volunteers (who are working tirelessly), we have negligible overhead costs. This means your donation is directly used for organizing impactful actions that contribute to a just and green world.

All donations are managed by our foundation ‘Stichting Vrienden van XR’, and are used to:

- Organize and promote all our actions.

- Deliver more outreach and training, in order to mobilize the critical mass that is needed for radical action.

- Develop and expand our communications, online and offline.

- To cover legal costs that we have as a consequence of civil disobedience actions.

A few examples of what your donation means to us:


€25 = 1000 eco-flyers for a small action.

€50  = 8 secure and encrypted email accounts (per month).

€150 = Cost of one introduction-talk venue with 10 to 30 potential new rebels.

€250 = Three large main banners used during our large actions.

€500 = Monthly rent for a headquarters and art-crafting space.

€1000 = Water, toilets and other amenities necessary, used during large actions.


Every single donation, no matter how small, is vital and very much appreciated. By donating, you ensure that we can act on behalf of you, for your children and all life on the planet.

Are you interested in supporting our movement on a long-term basis? Consider supporting us periodically with tax benefits. Learn more about this on: https://www.periodiekschenken.nl/extinction-rebellion


Make this year count. Support the rebellion. The time is now.

Who we are

We are a diverse group of ordinary people who are deeply concerned about the ecological crisis. We're the fastest-growing climate movement in history. In less than a year we have grown from a small group of dedicated people to a competent and powerful movement in over sixty countries.


What we do

We take the streets with creative, peaceful and sometimes disruptive non-violent direct action. We do this to compel our government to take the necessary measures against the climate and ecological crisis. Why? Because history has shown, time and time again, that civil disobedience is a very effective way to bring about radical, sustainable and fast-paced change.


Allocation of donations

The largest part of all donations goes to our actions, training, and communication.  

A very small amount of our rebels who volunteer 100% of their time to the movement and hold key positions and responsibilities receive a monthly volunteering compensation in order for them to make ends meet. These volunteers are necessary for organizing our actions, interaction with other organizations and other ‘behind the scenes' work. From our total income, 10% is transferred to Global Support, the international branch of Extinction Rebellion, to support XR chapters in less affluent countries in the global south.


Expenditure 2020 in euro's

Fundraising costs - 8.350

Administration costs - 1.174

Spent on objective

Various and automation costs - 4.975

Rental costs action spaces - 7.750

Action costs - 59.845

Promotion costs - 21.222

Training costs NVDA and talks - 11.078

Legal costs (no fines) - 17.226

Remitance Global Support - 10.992


Total expenditure - 142.612

Foundation ANBI-status

Donations are received by Stichting Vrienden van XR. The foundation has been granted the ANBI-status. Donations are deductible for Dutch Income Tax.


More info about our actions and our movement:



Thanks for your support, with love and solidarity,

XR Nederland Fundraising team



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